25241710 - new framing construction of a house

Quality that speaks for itself

Like you, we care about every element of your home’s construction. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship results in homes that are not only beautifully designed, but built to last.


All Millennia homeowners receive a comprehensive homeowner’s guide, and a one, two, and ten-year warranty that is transferable with the sale of the home.  This warranty covers one year for workmanship and materials, two years for the delivery portion of utilities (plumbing, electrical, hvac), and 10 years for major structural components of the home, providing peace of mind so you can simply relax and enjoy living in your new home.

Our customer care program

We created a 1-5-11 customer care program. It’s our unique proactive approach where we contact you in the first, fifth, and eleventh month of your new home purchase to make sure all your needs are taken care of.